Dear Customers,

Bao Ngoc Security Co., Ltd.would like to send our customers wishes for health, happiness and success. Founded in 2008 by former officers of the armed force, Bao Ngoc Security has asserted its position in the field of providing security services of Vietnamese market.

Our development strategy is based on 3 core values: PROFESSIONAL – PRESTIGE AND SAFE. Accompanying our development, Bao Ngoc Security has become trustworthy partner of many big economy corporations: Tuan Chau Holding, Doosan Korea, Hoa Binh Construction Corporation, Doji Corporation, FLC Corporation, Licogi 13 and system of the biggest banks in Vietnam territory… Bao Ngoc Security has been evaluated and certified as quality management system to ISO – 9001:2015 standard by ISO Credit Organization.

The brand value of Bao Ngoc Security has been awarded by many national and foreign agencies, organizations, individuals with commendation, merit, certificate. It is the biggest source of cheer, encouragement which gives us more strength to continuously improve and upgrade service quality as well as our customers’ quality of life. We understand that the dedication and professional of our staffs always needs to build up. That is the best way to express our gratitude as well as credibility which customers give us.

Best regards!

Chairman of The Board – Ms. Hoang Thi Thuy