With many years of experience in providing security sevices, BAO NGOC SECURITY TRADING & BUSINESS CO., LTD. has provided security services at the events such as: fairs, exhibitions, fashion shows, events, sport activities, performances, booths… The protected targets are singers, actors, properties, assets at the events.

Security staffs spread throughout the events with the main goal of focusing on controlling the entrances. Seating guiding for guests, ensuring safety for all attendants, important characters at the events. Controlling order of the crowd. If there are any incidents at the events, festivals, security staffs will support to solve promptly in the best and safest way.

Ensuring security and safety during Miss Vietnam 2010 held in Tuan Chau.



The security staffs are strictly selected, equipped with intensive professional skills, have good appearance and health, sensitivity, good moral, keep serious in duty but still polite, gentle, friendly.

Security staffs are well trained at basic martial arts classes.

Are trained in handling situation skill to solve confidently and proactively when bad incidents happen. Security staffs are trained at intensive security event trainings of BAO NGOC Security.

Are trained in using professionally supportive equipments to handle promptly arising problems.

Bao Ngoc Security always enhance hard-working, active spirit, responsibility, determination of working purposes to get the best efficiency for customers.

Are fully, professionally equipped. Depending on the characteristics of each position at the event, we always provide full support, contact equipments such as bulletproof vests, electric batons, crowbars, car ordination light sticks, remote radios, flash lights, electric guns, 3-piece steel sticks, pepper sprays…

The events will not be successful if there are too many concerns, troubles and incidents affected. Please let BAO NGOC Security handle those concerns for you, bring the absolute safety for the events to happen well and succefully. For event security plan advice as well as the newest quotation, please kindly contact the hotline:

0848 81 81 81
055 956 8888

055 996 9999

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0888 95 9999

087 919 9999