Fixed target protection is a common security service, the nature of target is not moving such as:

Fixed assets, agency offices protection

Offices, supermarkets, banks, buildings, factories, construction sites, manufacturers, warehouses, berths, hotels…

Detailed description


Varying depends on the characteristics of each company, factory, firm, warehouse, berth, hotel, agency office, bank, house, supermarket, construction site, …


1. Requirements:

Depending on location characteristics and the actual production, business activities of each company, there are specific requirements for security forces. However, general purposes, requirements of Bao Ngoc Security forces is to assure security, safety for all activities of company as well as easy, smooth transactions with customers, all disorders, thefts, destruction of properties are prevented and handled promptly.

Applying necessary solutions, measures according to Vietnamese Law.

All Security staffs in duty must be polite, make the effort, intensively observe and cover the situation.

2. Missions:

Preventing illegal break-in which causes disorder, destruction, theft of properties or threat against the lives of officers, employees working and living within secured area.

Ensuring security and safety at secured target.

• Protecting against break-in and loss of the company’s goods, properties.

• Security staffs work 24 hours a day, regardless of public holidays, Tet holidays and are not allowed to leave their position unless there is a replacement.

Do not allow anyone who does not have identifications and follow the instruction of security staff, shows suspicious signs to enter the company (VIP guests and people notified in advanced are exempted from this procedure).

Ensuring that the rules and regulations of the company are strictly and fully performed.

Building a professional working environment, ensuring the best customer service.

Quickly responding to emergencies, handling security, safety incidents and report to the leaders of both parties.

Checking and controlling (If allowed) people, vehicles and items brought in/out of the company.

• PPreventing and detecting promptly fire and explosion to handle and notify immediately authorities of cooperative settlement.

Detecting, making violation records and handling, according to functions, violations of fire safety regulations. Organizing periodically firefighting trainings in the company in combination with staffs of BAO NGOC SECURITY TRADING & BUSINESS CO., LTD. and the company, checking firefighting equipments to use effectively in case of fire incidents. Updating new information, notification of security tasks from customers or BAO NGOC SECURITY TRADING & BUSINESS CO., LTD.,… noting, handing over and notifying all staffs for understading and fully excuting.

The requirements for all security staffs in duty are showing good, polite attitude and high professional in the work. In any unusual, serious incidents, security staffs need to notify Team Manager, the mobile supervising team of BAO NGOC SECURITY TRADING & BUSINESS CO., LTD. in order to ask for direction and handling situation plan. After the incident, it is required to send Team Manager the report immediately to notify promptly customers and BAO NGOC SECURITY TRADING & BUSINESS CO., LTD. for further handle.