For many years as a pioneer in Security service filed, Bao Ngoc Security Trading & Business Co., Ltd. has confirmed strategic position with the top-standard service and quality in Vietnam. Although the market faced many difficulties and is effected by Covid-19 pandemic, Bao Ngoc has still broken difficult barriers. Also locating the own direction: making constant effort to enhance service quality and customer experience.


The security service in Quang Ninh of Bao Ngoc: “The start is understanding customers and desire of innovation”


For security service industry, the understanding market demand and safety are the most important factors. The trend and consumer behavior of customers for this industry do not change continuously, however, require updating of new technologies and security solutions. This asks Bao Ngoc to always observe and grasp promptly.



In Quang Ninh, a market which is evaluated that it has many potentials, attractiveness to investors, domestic and foreign big coporation, demand for security service in this market is always at high level.  

Bao Ngoc Security moves into security market of Vietnam in general and Quang Ninh in particular with the orientation of high-end customers. We select various solutions from human, monitoring system 24/7, quality management system Iso to security technologies 4.0 such as artificial intelligent AI… to meet the maximum safety for customers.

Ms. Hoang Thi Thuy (Chairman of The Board of Bao Ngoc Security Trading & Business Co., Ltd) shared: “Bao Ngoc Security puts the strict safety and customer experience on top in our business work. Our customers are not only VIPs with influence but also important events… in national scale. Therefore, we always make an effort to bring customers the leading security services in Quang Ninh market in particular and Vietnam in general”.

Life in the digital age goes along with digital experience


Not only the absolute safety, security service in Quang Ninh of Bao Ngoc also brings customers wonderful digital experience. High-tech products such as security camera intergrated AI, automatic break-in detecting system… ensure compactness, safety and usefulness in all situations.

With security services in Quang Ninh, staff team of Bao Ngoc contributes greatly to ensuring security at many important events, VIP locations. In the system of Bao Ngoc Security, customers can quickly find out services with the best quality. 

The strategic vision of Bao Ngoc Security is to scale up and reach out to Vietnamese market. Considering service quality as core value, building prestige, trust of a large number of customer thoughout the country.

Why choose security service in Quang Ninh of Bao Ngoc?

Over the past 13 years, more then 800 individual and organization customers have trust to choose the services of Bao Ngoc Security. Being a reliable partner of many big business corporations: Tuan Chau Holding, Doosan Korea, Hoa Binh Construction corporation, Doji corporation, FLC corporation, Son Kim Land corporation, Licogi 13 and system of the biggest banks in Vietnam territory… Bao Ngoc Security has been evaluated and certified as quality management system to ISO – 9001:2015 standard by ISO Credit Organization.

The staff teams of Bao Ngoc Security are trained professionally according to topics and lectures. At the end of training course, the examinations are taken and the Ministry of Public Security granted professional security cetificates. With high siprit of responsibility, dedication in work, we are committed to meet and satisfy all requirements of customers.

Bao Ngoc Security – Pioneering service!

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